I can paint a creative mural for you, inside or outside, on a variety of different surfaces.
If you have a blank wall and a project in mind please get in touch and we can discuss your
ideas and I can give you a price estimate. Email me at derekart@earthlink.net

Leuner Landscape Design, Inc
Private Property, Hansville, WA

This job was to paint the company logo on an old shed on the owner's property. The shed was then to be photographed for use in a greeting card that celebrated Leuner Landscaping 30 years in business. We brought the color back to a vibrant red and then began painting the logo in light gray on the one side. One of the owners roots are from Sotuh Africa so we decided to also add the logo to the other side of the shed, this time using more color similar to what is used in South African designs they had shown me in a book. Project took 3 days.

Stagecoach Mobile and RV Park
6116 Kitsap Way Bremerton WA

This job was a long term project completed June - November in 2017. The owners of the park were very fond of the original Stagecoach movie starring John Wayne in 1938. They wanted expansive scenes of Monument Valley, incorporating some of the movie's elements but also gave me some creative license as to what to do with all 4 sides of this garage. The surface was corrugated metal, so every 8 inches or so there were vertical ridges which made efficiency in the painting process a challenge. This added to the time necessary to complete the mural but we still were able to complete under the proposed budget.

Turie's Treasures
315 E 1st St. Port Angeles, WA

The job here was to create a mural with a New Orlean's theme for the owner, who recently moved to the Northwest from Louisiana. The shop carries a variety of antiques and curiosities and so I really wanted to paint some of the historical aspects of New Orleans. Turie's requested a Jazz Band, as well as a Crawfish Boil, and a Magnolia Tree. This is what I came up with. Mural was painted in 8 days spread over 3 weeks.

Creative Edge Barber Shop
Silverdale, WA

The job here was to create a mural for a busy barber shop in Silverdale, WA. The owner wanted a sports theme, and also other celebrities in the mural as well. We decided on professional athletes as well as similar movie star counter parts. Left to right are Kevin Costner & Edgar Martinez, and Al Pacino and Russell Wilson. Lettering was reversed so it appears like another window in the barber shop.